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Welcome to arthurlindenberg.com, my online “home.”  About a year ago, my brother suggested that I combine two of my passions, photography and travel and offer photos, trips with a photographic emphasis and photographic advice.  His comments set of a fire inside me.  I brainstormed.  I decided to open this web home.
Please come in and look around.  You might find something that you like.  You might want to join me on a planned trip or have me give you a customized photo trip.  You might just want some advice and suggestions.  Perhaps you have some suggestions to make, some idea.  I would enjoy hearing these.

  • As you give yourself a tour, you will notice that my motif, my background is a map of Paris.  Paris is one of my favorite cities.  The Ile de Seine could very well become a photo destination for a private trip or tour.
  • When you open that box with my photo and “about me,” you will get to know your host.
  • I am happy to hear from you about anything relating to my site or anything else.  Go to Contact and leave me some information.
  • Photo Consulting contains links as well as some advice and suggestions from my own experience.  Are you going to photograph a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a football game?  What kinds of equipment do you need?  Where can you learn about how to take pictures?  Most of the information here is free of charge, by the way.
  • Galleries are just that.  I will change these every month.  I will add galleries to the “Showcase” that I have here.  They will contain photos from specific places.  Now I am working on a gallery of photos from Honduras and Guatemala.  I hope to have a tour planned to go there, shortly.  Coming attractions also include galleries of the Oregon Coast, New York City, Paris, and Peru.  Send me some photos and I will put them into a guest gallery.
  • Finally, I cannot neglect the passion I have for writing.  If you venture into the Writer’s Studio, you will find some fiction and other work that has no relationship to photography.  But if you read, or write, I would love to get your feedback.
  • Now I will leave you to enjoy your tour of Arthur Lindenberg.com